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From the Headmaster

2014 State of the School

I’ve been a part of it many times before; closing down a successful school year while preparing the plans for the opening of another one. The cycle of the school year differs from that of most every other profession. There is a beginning; there is an ending. There is a first day; there is a last day. Students come, classes commence, productions are staged, athletes take to the field, and the life of the school starts all over again. Soon, almost with- out ample notice it seems, end-of-the-year parties occur and graduation spells the final day for many students.

What makes it fresh? What creates excitement to anticipate another school year? This will be my forty-second year of teaching or administrating schools of one kind or another. What, for all of us, keeps it from getting routine or stale?

There are several factors that make the anticipation of August as exciting in 2014 as it was when I walked into my first seventh grade social studies classroom in 1971:

  • It’s a calling. Divine callings do not come and go with our whims or age.  Our calling to this noble work is affirmed everyday by our personal commitment to the place to which Christ has called us.
  • It’s the students. To see them grow; to watch them step into the shoes of those who just moved on. There is always a “Oh, no!” when we graduate a class. Who will be there to do what they have done? Who will fill the void? And yet, year after year, the upcoming seniors rise to the occasion with new vitality and freshness.
  • It’s the staff. MPCS has the best. Are we perfect? Of course not. But will we settle for mediocrity? No! The 215 people who come to work at MPCS each day to teach classes, staff offices, clean rooms, cook our meals, direct our productions, or coach our students are some of the most dedicated and loyal anywhere.
  • It’s the parents. I stand honored every August as I watch parents sacrificially declare their greatest God-gift and treasure — their children — into our care, expressing a willingness to entrust their educational, spiritual, physical, and emotional journey to those of us who work at MPCS. This is both amazing and humbling!

As I write this reflection, I am only two days removed from the annual summer three-day leadership retreat at which we analyzed our Board of Trustees “Vision Casting”, reviewed the comments of all of our faculty in my “Listening Tour”, and read the data and commentary from the recent survey of our parents. This resulted in a lot of data and an amazing insight into our world. From all of these perspectives, the 22-member leadership team developed goals and challenges, initiated new approaches and direction, and envisioned new hopes and dreams for what may lie ahead. The exercise served to remind us that the God-given task of educating students for Kingdom work is not yet perfected nor completed. As a result, this place we all love is about to get even better.

Thanks for once again entrusting us with your greatest gifts. We share with you a belief that the best lies ahead at the school we all love, and our children deserve the best from all of us! Now, on to another exciting year at Mount Paran Christian School!


Dr. David Tilley, Headmaster

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