Visual Arts

The Mount Paran Christian School Visual Arts Program is designed to provide students with a creative environment and encourage a desire to explore the history of art. Students will experience various mediums and techniques in analog and digital art study. Projects include, but are not limited to, working with oil paints, watercolor, clay, plaster, wire, collage, ink, graphite, charcoal, pastel, found objects, glass fusing, photography, graphic design, and videography. Each class is designed to give students an outlet for exploration, creativity, and self-expression in both two- and three-dimensional artwork as well as digital media. In addition to creating, the visual Arts program offers opportunities for students to submit and display their art in our student gallery as well as local student shows outside of school. Students are encouraged to explore new areas of art in regard to theme and technique. MPCS student artists develop a personal aesthetic through a program that is rich with cultural art experiences, ultimately equipping them to use their skills to tangibly honor God through their artistic gifts.

* MPCS also hosts an annual Art Night which is an evening that celebrates and encompasses Visual and Performing Arts.


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