Walking in Truth

We have a question for you, and we want you to consider your answer thoughtfully: What is the most important concept your child can learn during their brief years under your roof? The most important.

Most likely, you know - like we know - the most significant thing your child can grasp before entering the wide, wide world is the Truth of Jesus Christ. At the very center of your parent-heart, you desire more than anything for your child to know, really know, Jesus as their Savior and their greatest friend.

But you also know that this Truth is increasingly under fire in our culture and, sadly, even in our public schools. So, shouldn't it be crucial to guarantee this Truth as the foundation for everything your child learns at school? For their world view to be shaped to align with God's reality? For the lessons they absorb from their peers, teachers, and curriculum to be in sync with your church and home?

Breathe easy. That's why we're here.

Mount Paran Christian School exists to provide a stellar academic experience in a covenant Christian environment where, to put it simply, Christ reigns. From the smallest 3-year-old to the tallest high school senior, we prepare servant-leaders who honor God, love others, and walk in Truth. And we provide an option for parents - just like you - who are looking for a school where faith and intellect grow as one.

So, how exactly do we achieve this? Through weekly chapels, daily Bible instruction, school-wide community service days, small group discipleship, international mission trips, regular community outreach, and Biblical integration into every single subject. Our students are also supported by a full-time Christian life director and taught by teachers who love the Lord.

We're non-denominational, with more than 30 different Christian denominations and 160 churches represented within our school family. Our students worship in unity as the body of Christ.

And we do all of this for one simple reason: because your child's spiritual development is our highest priority...as it is yours.

Christian Life at MPCS

The Christian Life Department is responsible for chapel, High School Retreat, and Spiritual Emphasis Day. The goal of each of these activities is to encourage every student to worship and make God a part of daily life. At Mount Paran Christian School, we want students to bring their faith to school, not leave it at the door.

Christian Life facilitates many avenues of worship. We are blessed to have a diverse student body, with many different denominations represented. This affords each student with many different styles of worship. This is a distinction that we do not want to lose. We seek to balance these numerous styles of worship with the foundational beliefs of orthodox Christianity.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Our students participate in a Spiritual Emphasis Week where specific time is dedicated for spiritual reflection and renewal.

The students spend time in small groups led by their teachers, where they discuss issues such as how their faith applies to their everyday lives. It challenges students to take their faith seriously, and not allow it to become a thoughtless routine.


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