Honoring God

Preschool Chapel

"When two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am." These are Jesus' words to the hearts of his disciples, calling us to gather and worship by his promise to honor that special time. As we teach preschoolers academically and socially, we also train them spiritually to know, remember, and apply the Word of God to our lives. MPCS Preschool allocates time each day for classroom Bible study and time each week for the whole preschool to gather in the Commons Area to worship and learn together as a large group. In this special time, our students learn what God's Word says and how to use the truths they discover to become more and more like Jesus.

Chapel presenters are voluntary, coordinated through the preschool office, and include members of the school administration, members of the MPCS student body, MPCS parents, local guest pastors, and even preschool classes themselves. Chapel begins and ends in prayer and consists of an age-appropriate Bible lesson and worship singing. The format varies from chapel to chapel and can include direct presentation, stories, puppets, drama, music, computer-based presentations, felt board stories, and a variety of other methods to present the Word of God effectively to this age group.

Lower School Chapel

In MPCS Lower School our students spiritual development is a foundational part of the education they receive. Essential biblical lessons and principles come alive in Lower School through classroom study and chapel programs.

Chapel for Lower School involves corporate worship (K-5th). Chapel enables students to not only participate in Christian praise, worship and study, but also to gain experience in the preparation and presentation of Bible lessons at least once each school year. MPCS administration, faculty, guest missionary speakers, and local youth pastors, also lead Lower School chapel, focusing biblical truths on the hearts and minds of these special age group.

Middle School Chapel

Proverbs 22:6 tells us, "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." MPCS believes that an integral part of instruction is developing a close, strong relationship with the Lord. In keeping with this conviction, the students and staff attend organized chapel services each week which provide opportunities for praise and worship. Services may include such media as dramatic presentations, musical programs and guest speakers (primarily local youth pastors/ministers/program leaders).

High School Chapel

High school students attend weekly chapel. The Director of Christian Life, working in conjunction with others, plans the weekly chapels. In utilizing such elements as drama, art, video, readings, music, guest speakers, and group discussion we seek to relate to students while at the same time stretching their perspective on the world around them. It is our desire that students would begin to realize how their lives fit into the indescribable and infinite life of God rather than attempting to shrink God to fit into their small and finite worlds.


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