See the group of 4-year-olds clustered around that SMART Table over there? Right now, they're learning about habitat. They're dragging virtual animals on the table's touch-screen top to their correct environments, clicking to make the animals howl or cluck. It's a hoot (pun intended), and the students love it. In fact, they have such a ball on the preschool's SMART Tables, they don't even realize how much they're learning...or that they're mastering cutting-edge technology at the age of 3.

That's what the 3- and 4-year-old preschool programs are about at Mount Paran Christian School: presenting and learning through creativity and play, challenging young minds, and molding spirits while having an absolute blast. From the two-story play village inside the Sewell Cottage Preschool common area to the Connections Room filled with SMART Tables and Mac stations, learning means hands-on exploration. Always developmentally on-target, always engaging, always Christ-centered.


The Program

  • Class Offerings: 3-year-olds attend either a three-day or five-day program; both programs are offered as half-day or full-day. 4-year-olds attend half-day or full-day programs five days a week.
  • Biblical Integration: Daily Bible instruction and weekly chapels integrate God's Truth across the curriculum.
  • Philosophy: Lessons are tailored to teach the whole child: academically, physically, socially, emotionally and, above all, spiritually.
  • Curriculum: The preschool is SACS accredited and licensed by Bright from the Start. The program centers around advanced levels of the Wee Learn Curriculum. Students are taught through targeted curriculum such as The Wright Skills for Literacy and Math Their Way.
  • Scope: The curriculum covers mathematics, language arts, science, fine arts, foreign language, and physical education - exceeding all Georgia Early Learning Standards.
  • Exploratories: Connections classes include music, art, Spanish, technology, science, cooking, media center, and physical education.
  • Preparatory: Lessons are developmentally appropriate while specifically preparing students for the college preparatory K-12 program that awaits them at MPCS.

Advanced PK

Designed for the advanced PK student who has already completed one year of four year-old preschool.

This class will provide a year of enrichment preparatory skills to prepare these students for easy transition with confidence into Kindergarten. Students will have opportunities for research-based curriculum and continued challenge, appropriate for their developmental level. Allowing them to build on what they learned in Pre-K 4 and ensuring that they have all the skills they need for Kindergarten. The heart benefit will result in your child being with you one more year, rather than graduating high school at a young age of 17. Your child will have one more year to gain confidence, receive parental influence, and build life skills before leaving home. It is the gift of time.

While the same tuition cost as a PK class, the additional benefits include unique in-house learning experiences for the Advanced PK class and a critical thinking skills exploratory class, in addition to the regular rotation of exploratory offerings (art, music, Spanish, technology, P.E.). Additionally, these students will join the Lower School for chapel once a month, wearing a uniform on all chapel days.

Specific features of this program include:

  • Strong Literacy training
  • Research-based methods of instruction, curriculum and activities
  • Critical thinking and cognitive challenges provided daily
  • Development of mental and physical stamina to achieve tasks and access maximum learning
  • In-house interactive learning experiences designed with specific developmental goals
  • Maximum ratio is 12 students : 2 teachers for optimum learning
  • The APK meets and exceeds all Pre-k and Kindergarten standards

Our Teachers

  • Certification: All preschool teachers, including Connections teachers, are degreed, Georgia-certified teachers.
  • Covenant Relationship: Every teacher is dedicated to the Christian faith and committed to integrating biblical Truth into all aspects of school life.
  • Student-to-Teacher Ratio: Small (7:1) student-to-teacher ratios guarantee individualized attention, with both a certified teacher and full-time paraprofessional in each classroom.

Our Methods

  • Diverse Approach: Teaching methods include whole-class instruction, small-group centers, purposeful play, music and movement, field trips and in-house speakers, hands-on activities, and technology exploration.
  • Centers and Small Groups: The center-based curriculum engages students through a structured, small group rotational format with high levels of teacher-student interaction.

Preschool Highlights

  • Kaleidoscope Program: Full-day preschool students participate in the multi-sensory Kaleidoscope experiences, including movement, cooking, science discovery, and art exploration.
  • Community Service: Preschool students contribute to Can-a-Thons and service projects throughout the year. They also participate in the MPCS annual Community Service Day by "adopting" grandparents through partnerships with local retirement communities.
  • Connections Room: In this multi-sensory room, students utilize Mac computer stations, SMART Tables, crafts area, and cooking stations.  Connections classes broaden student minds by introducing unique, skill-driven experiences across a variety of disciplines.
  • Play Space: In addition to the preschool playground, the two-story indoor play village encourages imaginary play, social skills, and gross motor skill development.
  • High School Role Models: Preschool students have the unique opportunity to interact with the upper grades at MPCS through school activities, service days, and athletic events. Their world comes with built-in role models.


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