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As an independent school, Mount Paran Christian School, has two forms of operating income: tuition and charitable contributions. Tuition does not cover the full cost of educating each student. It takes a combination of tuition and charitable donations to provide the distinctive qualities that an independent school education offers: small classes, exemplary teachers, exceptional exploratory offerings, an unapologetic Christian environment, and so much more. Charitable gifts are necessary to help sustain and expand it. In addition, charitable contributions support Financial Aid, capital projects, special programs, and endowment.

  • 80% of tuition covers the school's operating costs and the other 20% is made up through tax-deductible charitable giving.
  • 25% of Annual Fund goes toward Financial Aid assistance.


Annual Fund

Each fall, the Annual Fund raises unrestricted money to support the operating budget, which includes instructional materials, programming, equipment and technology, as well as faculty salaries, faculty development and facility maintenance. The Annual Fund is tax-deductible where tuition is not.

Georgia Goal

In 2008, Georgia’s elected officials had the vision to pass the Education Expense Credit law to provide families in Georgia with access to better educational opportunities for their children. MPCS has partnered with the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program who has been leading the way in implementing this important legislation. This law allows you, a Georgia taxpayer, to redirect a portion of your Georgia income tax payments to provide scholarship assistance to incoming MPCS students!

If you owe Georgia taxes, you can receive a tax credit (more than a mere income tax deduction!) against your Georgia income tax liability for amounts contributed to GOAL. For married couples filing a joint return, the maximum tax credit-eligible contribution is $2,500 ($1,000 as an individual). The best part is that you are not affecting your budget in any way; you are contributing money to GOAL (designated for use at MPCS) that you were going to pay to the state government in taxes anyway!

Imagine Tomorrow Capital Campaign

We are well underway in the Imagine Tomorrow Capital Campaign to raise $23.5M in order to complete a three-phase facility initiative on the MPCS campus. Although the campaign is not about buildings; it is about our steadfast commitment to provide "academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment."

Financial Aid Fund

Tuition assistance for deserving students is a need at MPCS. A Board-approved portion of the MPCS budget combined with 25% of Annual Fund made up the Financial Aid Fund. Charitable contributions toward this fund are greatly needed and greatly appreciated but cannot be designated for specific students. All donations toward this program go into the general Financial Aid Fund. The donations are pooled with existing funds to allocate to students in need who have applied for aid and have met the criteria.

Additional Giving

To make a pledge, ask any questions or to find out more about giving to MPCS, please contact the Development Office at 770.578.0182 or e-mail Jennifer New.

Matching Gift

Did you know that many companies match the charitable giving of their employees? When you make a gift to MPCS, please use our online matching gift directory to search for your company’s name and find out if your employer will double or even triple your gift to MPCS. It is a very easy way for you to multiply your personal support of MPCS. Click here to access the matching company directory.


An Endowment is a permanent fund that is created for the perpetual upkeep and benefit of an institution. Endowment funds are invested so that a portion of the income is used for operations or other specified purposes, but the majority (or principal) stays intact. Most organizations that have created large endowments have done so over a long period of time and through ongoing work. The largest endowments are usually built through working with donors in the areas of estate planning. For every $1 million in endowment, an organization typically receives $50,000 in annual income. MPCS does not currently have an endowment fund. For an actively-managed endowment account, the School would need a minimum of $750,000. Thanks to the generosity of a major donor, MPCS has recently begun accumulating donations toward endowment. These funds, along with any other endowment-specific donations that come in, will be kept in a restricted account until an official MPCS Endowment Fund is created.

Methods of Giving

Cash: MPCS accepts cash, check, and credit card (MC, VISA, AMEX). Cash or check may be submitted through the development office. Credit card gifts may be made to either Annual Fund or Capital Campaign online.

Pledges: A pledge will be considered a gift to MPCS only if it is documented in writing with a signature, a specific dollar amount, and a fixed payment schedule. A pledge does not provide the donor with an income tax deduction until the year in which it is paid. Pledge payments may be made by cash or check submitted directly to the development office or by making credit card payment online.

Stock/Securities: Contact the Development Office to notify and for stock transfer instructions. Unless otherwise requested by the donor or the Board, all marketable securities will be sold upon receipt.

Gifts in Kind: Gifts of tangible personal property that are in good condition, useful in educational programming,and/or readily salable. Gifts in kind must be approved in advance through the development office. It is the donor's responsibility to place a value on an in-kind gift for tax purposes.

Parent Fund-raising Organizations: Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF), Eagle Backers (athletic booster club), Mount Paran Arts Council (MPAC)

Passive Giving involves contributions that are made to MPCS in response to the percentage of sales by a business to MPCS families. Grandparents can participate too! This program includes: Publix shopping cards; Target RedCard; Academic Fashions (percentage of uniform purchases); Chick-fil-A Nights

Development Office

Building and sustaining a successful educational program in an independent school setting requires support and commitment from all members of the school family, from the Headmaster, Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, to students, their families, alumni, and friends. It is the responsibility of the Development Office to coordinate the charitable involvement from these different groups, following the philosophy of institutional fundraising set forth by the MPCS Board of Trustees and in strategic support of the school’s mission. In addition, the Development Office serves as the clearinghouse for the multiple fundraising efforts by school organizations and clubs that occur on a yearly basis.

The Development Office is also responsible for the school's adherence to management and reporting standards for educational fundraising, as set forth by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE), charitable gift management, donor acknowledgement and donor recognition, donor confidentiality, MPCS Alumni programs, corporate partners in education. For more information or questions about giving, feel free to contact the development office at 770-578-0182.

Jennifer New, Director of Development, extension 2049,

Cindy Gibbs, Assistant Director of Development, extension 3537,

Sabrina Moore, Database Administrator and Development Assistant, extension 3940,


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