Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

Designed to kick off each fall, the Annual Fund raises money to support the annual operating budget, which includes instructional materials, programming, equipment and technology, as well as faculty salaries, faculty development and facility maintenance. The Annual Fund is the "norm" for most independent schools.

Why is my participation important?

The first question that most outside constituencies ask before making a gift is, "What do your Board, staff and parents contribute?" It is so important that we show support from within before we go to outside sources for contributions. Participation in the AFC demonstrates to others that we, as one of the closest groups to the School, support our mission. What better way to motivate other groups to give?

In two short years, the parent participation rate at MPCS has grown to 82%. In contrast, some recent parent participation rates at other local schools include: Whitefield Academy (75%), The Walker School (80%+), and Wesleyan School (98%).

Is my gift tax deductible? What is a matching gift? Can I give stock?

Gifts to the AFC are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Many companies match employees' gifts to nonprofit organizations at a 1:1 ratio. This could double your gift! Simply ask your Human Resources Department for a matching gift form. Gifts of marketable securities are gratefully accepted by MPCS and valued at the average of the high and low traded value on the date of the gift. The date of receipt is generally the date an actual stock certificate is personally delivered or mailed to the School, or electronically transferred to the school's brokerage firm or appropriate bank account.

How does my child benefit from the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund supports the very things that most likely determined your choice to send your child to an independent school: small classes, exemplary teachers, resources that many public schools cannot offer, exceptional offerings in exploratory subjects, more personal attention, an unapologetically Christian environment, and so much more. Paying tuition gives your child access to all of this. Charitable gifts are necessary to help sustain and expand it. Every student at MPCS benefits from the Annual Fund.

Who gives to the Annual Fund - primarily parents?

MPCS seeks and receives contributions from current parents, alumni, former parents, grandparents, the Board of Directors, faculty and staff, foundations, corporations, organizations and individual friends of the School.

  • The Board and Faculty/Staff are asked to support the Annual Fund first before we reach out to current families and the community.
  • Achieved 100% Board and 100% Faculty/Staff participation for four consecutive years.

What is an appropriate gift amount for the Annual Fund?

In many ways, participation is more important that the amount given. However, each donor is asked to consider giving at a level that reflects their commitment to the school and their ability to give.


1st in 10

Every gift, no matter the amount, counts toward our goal of 80% parent participation.


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